Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Reason for a Soliloquy

Because I am not blessed enough like those morning birds, a reason is needed to continue my soliloquy. Is it a material reason like money or a psychological one like fame? Is it anything related to the desire to get connected with other minds? Is it connected to that age old pseudo-myth of creativity? Is it because of boredom? Is it just because of the desire for feel ‘separate ‘and unique? Is it natural? Is it because of a healthy mind or is it something generated from a pathological one? is it not an excuse to allow the mind to wander again? Is it because of the frustrations from the past? Is it because of one’s own modest material conditions? Is it because of fear of social death? Is it because of one’s own ego which even doesn’t allow me to enter in to the zone of ’selling ‘even though I have to ‘buy’ everything which have prize tags ?Is it because of shame when I think of my own price tag? Is it because of overvaluation of one’s ego or undervaluation of his spirit? Or is it because I question the very idea of valuation itself? Is it because of the innate nature of mind which is caught in the habit of endless chattering? Is it because I am rich enough that my poverty is no more a problem to me? Or is it otherwise? Isn’t it not my own mind the real reason behind? Or is it not my mind that talks now and then reasons for a reason?

All questions contain its own answers. In another words, they are the answers. Now I can see light through that window. It is the beginning of another day. There are fewer thoughts now. Lesser that when I started .I just feel that there is no definite reason for a soliloquy. But a reason can definitely end it. Causes, talkative mind, and results - they all are one and the same. They seem to be different only after becoming the past.

I hope a reason will not end this soliloquy. Also I don’t want to start this day with the planting of another tiny but potential seed which may grow into a thought tree by the end of this day. Instead of that I am going to listen to the sound of the Chinese flute.(www.youtube.com/i_B8H956_rg)
How did you start your day today?
Do tell me.


manoranjini said...

Chinese flute seems like such a wonderful way to begin your day !My morning came in through the curtained windows leaving the rain to splatter outside,bringing a slow and wet new day...

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Its been very turbulent for sometime now, MIP - to the extent that I had been off blogs!

I feel so caged and limited, so small and so ineffective.......well such is life!

Not surprisingly, today, after an attempted comeback that looks good so far, I'm listening to the master - Hans Zimmer at his best in creation for The Last Samurai.

This is called A Way of Life and I recommend it very much!


aria said...

came to have a look .. started my day reading your comments.. so I wish this soliloquy shall continue some other day..

goatman said...

All good questions. I think about this often.
Perhaps it is simply a desire to connect -- like those cave paintings in France or the Petroglyphs on the rocks of the west of my country. We may be alone in our minds but there is always the need for others.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

My dear MIP - Redefining Oblivion wishes you a Very Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Purposeful 2012, and beyond.

Alka Gurha said...

I thought this blog was about paintings, but realised there is a deeper meaning to the title.