Thursday, July 7, 2011

A black and white umbrella and the man who was shy to use it.

He had an old umbrella. A black and white one. Not because of the colours, it was called so but because of a black and white picture on it. To be precise, pictures of some old motorbikes were printed on it- in black and white. To a lesser extend it can also be called so because it affirmed certain facts about him in black and white. This man seldom used that umbrella. Not because it was old, but because it always invited somebody’s attention. Always a smart umbrella raised expectations about the owner who hides behind it. This umbrella, irrespective of its owner had a unique charisma. The man, on the other hand, was too shy to use it as his regular one. In his youth, he thought that he had the capacity to become the centre of attraction. Wherever he went, people noticed his presence. It was only in the absence of that umbrella did he realise the ordinary nature of his existence.Slowly; he started to use other types of umbrellas. Most of the time it was the usual, regular black ones. But the desire to become the rightful owner of that charismatic umbrella always remained with him. Both rain and sun, taught him the need of a useful protective shade. Nowadays he uses that old black and white umbrella. He loves the crowd who loves his umbrella. He also enjoys the expressions they make when their expectations are wrecked as they see the owner behind that umbrella.