Thursday, October 21, 2010

all are clones!

me told I
"mind is a verb, noun is the clone"
I became angry and shouted
"Nouns rule,mind it!
me laughed
"just mind your mind"
no mind ever said"all are clones!


Devika said...

who says, MIP? can't imagine if Einstein had the mind of Da Vinci and Da Vinci had the mind of Hitler and if Hitler had the mind of Mahatma Gandhi, and if Gandhiji had the mind of Marx,

clones and clowns they try to make of the ordinary -- You too!! never expected :)

but yes, in a way the media, the establishment all seem set for that! beware :)

leave all that...Nice to see you break the silence after a long while :)


V Rakesh said...

Absolutely marvelous! With so many nouns and verbs clouding the individual entity, it is no surprise why there are so many adjectives in the self! ;)

I cannot tell you how wonderful I feel to see you back on your blog with such a marvelous post! You have been and will continue to be my greatest source of inspiration and I urge you to please keep the good work going, always and all ways!

The Survivor said...

Its been a long time

Good to see you back.

Rushabhh Gandhi said...


I am back! :)

Rushabhh Gandhi said...

No! its like You are back! ;)

Devika said...

Oh, i wanted to add MIP -- within the self between I and me -- 'Me' has the final say - clone or not; mind alone doesn't maketh man, does it? :)


ഏകതാര said...

happy to see you back.