Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Chew the world when it is still a rhizome.

Mouse boy : I am frustrated.
Master : with what?
Mouse boy : with everything.
Master : so?
Mouseboy : i want to end the world.
Master : Then do it.
Mouse boy : I don't know how to.
Master : Neither do I
Mouse boy : ? ? ?
Master : There is a way to enjoy the world without ending it.
Mouse boy : how?
Master : Chew the world when it is still a rhizome.


man in painting said...

hai friend..
Don't ask me what is this!
Me too don't know.It just came to me.May be Phantoms of Jung and Deleuze still haunts me..But i am yet to be successful in practicing the "art of chewing a rhizome".But please let me know what impression this makes on you..
enjoy the "art of chewing rhizomes"
enjoy living..

Rakesh Vanamali said...

yet another writovation from your stables!
To me it means, ignore the bad, dwell on the good and remain intense in the self as an element of the system! Better to deal a problem when it is in rhizome stage than when it manifests into a tree!

But perhaps, we (most of us) are rhizobium to the rhizome itself and hence our 'chewing' will need to be more concerted!


PS: Long time no see @ my blog!
Do visit when time permits!

Shruti said...

wow.. this was as usual different..
Peace Out

Art and Poetry said...

I had to look up what rhizome was, could it mean that by just chewing we make our own world?

Mampi said...

Loved the conversation.

Akshaya Kamalnath said...

As I understood it you shape the world by shaping ur own life...wen u say wrld is still a rhizome, I took it as when its still young in your eyes...but why rhyzome? Was a bio student so only thing I could think of is that every part of it has the potential for growth and life...I do this laborious interpretation coz its MIP's wrk, it must mean something big nd then I see ur own comment that u dont know. Never mind. I do:)

deepsat said...

LOL!! enjoyed that!! its better than trying to make a futile attempt to end the world!!


man in painting said...

@thanks a lot rajesh...
i read it in my own way..
now it is yours..
these lines came through me..
but i cannot fully interpret it..
i loved your reading..
thank you..
i am
to your blog..

man in painting said...

thank you
happy you liked it..

man in painting said...

@art and poetry..
rhizome is stem part underground..
rather secret, hidden..in many ways we can read it..
me cannot read it without help of Jung and Deleuze...
it is a weakness..
rhizome has great potential..Every"thing" in this world before becoming the "thing" will undergo a rhizome state...
chew it then..

man in painting said...

thank you..

man in painting said...

you read it exceptionally well!
"rhizome " is also a philosophy, and educational concept..developed by Deleuze..But it was Gustav Carl Jung who introduced "Rhizomes" as "Rhizomes of life"..I was crazy about these guys in those days when i burned my brain cells and tried to make grey matter tattoos..
now me, jung ,deleuze.. all are dead..
dead men teaching dead men..
all philosophy is ghost talk..
but chewing rhizome is just fun..
you did it in style

man in painting said...

I know you will love it..
you will chew the world very well!
take care..

Arunima said...

Well I read the comments,but I differ with the response. If one is frustrated with their way of life then there are n-1 ways to choose a different path & a better life, even without chewing it.

man in painting said...

That is also true..
mouse boy: I don't like chewing nor do I like rizhomes..
Master: have an apple.an apple a day keeps the doctor away!
the story never ends
thank you
take care

Akshaya Kamalnath said...

ha ha ghost talk? Dinno abt this..will read up on the philosophy...so I can qualify as the dead too.

gypsy said...

i dunno, but it makes perfect sense right now..

Debasish Patra said...

okhay ...I admit i saw d dictionary fr 'Rhizome' :P

and i think,u mean dat..
'Live till life lets u to.'

hmm..i think it does make some sense. Or maybe it duz nt!


Devika Jyothi said...

I think I always loved chewing the rhizome -- specially of green onions! and they are 'a world' to me, with all its...!!

Do I say more? :-))

philosophies come that way perhaps -- they come out of nowhere, and we are bound to dissect it, as we dissect the rhizome to understand life, no??


PS: The Socio-Political Onlooker awaits you!!

Salil said...

Do you really want to know what impression this created on me? Are yo u sure? Do you think you can handle it? Ok, here I go.
I think this is the most whackiest stuff I have seen for a while :-) Well, I warned you.. '-)
Seriously, I am willing to go with whatever you want this to be :-)

Macadamia The Nut said...

All the world's a cheese and all men and women merely munchers...

And today's my duh-day

Keshi said...

I've been 'chewing' for a long time and now my teeth hurt...:)


work_of_fiction? said...

violence one can laugh over? pretty intense though! had to look up what is rhizome! :P
keep writing!

Usha Pisharody said...

This is an interesting point of view... nip it in the bud so to speak..! But definitely more profound:)

Unknown said...

i should agree with rakesh on this one..

question how much one can ignore??

Priya said...

Chew them but not spit it coz it can bounce back.

man in painting said...


man in painting said...

@d gypsy..
that is just what is needed.
let it remain there..
take care..

man in painting said...

that is also true..
rhizome can grow to many things..

Vinz said...


man in painting said...

dissecting kills it...
chew it..
thats the natural way..
happy u like rhizomes..
take care..

man in painting said...

As always you proved that you are salil..
i know you will like it ..
i loved the compliment!

man in painting said...

Equally crazy!
But where is the "nut"?
where did you find it?
inside or outside the cheese?
take care..

man in painting said...

take a brake..

man in painting said...

@work of fiction
Humour is the best way to deconstruct power, violence and terror..
It is the natural way to..

man in painting said...

@usha ji...
in a spiritual sense yes..
but as it is also a "rizhome" trillions of interpretations must be possible!
but just have one..
thanks a lot

man in painting said...

that is also a very nice way to look at it!

man in painting said...

Spitting is a bad habit..
But bitter rizhomes make the best medicines!

man in painting said...

Is there such a thing called "the centre"?

Unknown said...

hehe i know.. it gives a totally different view on things..

well updated my blog..
wanna see ur take on it :)

man in painting said...


Devika Jyothi said...

In reply to your response...

Please don't take me wrong, can't help saying this..You seem to be underestimating your readers a bit..which is slightly depressing..:-)
(Perhaps the reader already chewed Jung and Deleuze and left it to experience life on his/her own way ...chances are there)

Rhyzomes and the 'world' it offers, as i said I'd always loved chewing and done quite a bit of it...

by refering to dissection of philosophies (including the one you said) i only meant the 'folly' of dissecting philosophies as bioloists dissect rhizomes to 'study' life!

The two -- Life and philosophy --are to be experienced, I feel..

anyway, thank you for the response to my post as well..seen the mail..will be there later..

Hope you take this in right spirits..if i don't say that perhaps, its a wrong that the teacher in me does...

see you again...
i like the way you look at life :-)


Arunima said...

your reply shows that for you it was just another way of concluding the conversation. if it were not rhizomes it could have been apples. very funny. I don't take this answer dear, at least not from MIP after all MIP's supposed to see the world.

Heart'n'Soul said...

It made me smile...like this long grin whn u can see the irony in sumthin... maybe m wrong but thts how i felt

Keshi said...

nah for the amount of 'Chewing' I've done in life, mebbe I'd need dentures!!!


Roopa said...

hmmm...do you know MIP, I would really like to get into that brain of yours. It will be intriguing to find out what those gray cells are up to :)! About chewing, let me call it rumination! world is a rhizome to be ruminated on :D

Rushabhh Gandhi said...


One more blogger said...

An idea worth giving a thought!! :)

man in painting said...

...Frankly I have lost the view of the painting..am I seeing the world nowadays?
that is why names and philosophies came..
After a full "real day" somebody who have a name and memories try to "see the world"...Thats what I am trying.Trying to uproot the thought-tree just before sleep..
How does a 'desire' a motive of life come to a painting which is dead?
Did MIP who wrote " chew the world.." underestimated the reader by giving self explanatory notes?(He is already dead on october 6)Today after reading your comment i revisited and found traces of desire which are not signs of a dead painting..
Power is always bad.It creates false sense of identity..
I found the dangerous " power thing" although as a trace element.But it is not underestimation of another person.But it is the "loss of courage to be nothing"
Thank you
for being caring enough to take the risk and telling me the truth.
it happens very rarely.
take care

man in painting said...

i am just playing with words nowadays..
when i typed about apples.. yes what you said is true..
but life, when it in a stem cell is totipotent.Keeping it like that is impossible.But that memory is refreshing..
it is a great positive thought..


man in painting said...

@me mini mouse
You are right..
take care..

man in painting said...


man in painting said...


man in painting said...

thank you..

man in painting said...

thank you...

Arunima said...

now that's what I call an answer. Thanks!

Devika Jyothi said...


Thank you for the kind understanding of my words…that too is very rare :-)

Smile…I can only do that in the face of ‘reality’ of life…

And may be to keep the smile in me..i talk my impression straight..sometimes its curt, sometimes its hurts..but then while I would definitely go and seek a compromise, I try not to be ‘sorry’ (Salil!) later ..because I say words that I feel, and that I mean…

Well, on this man in painting, dead on a painting, idea of life – Its absolutely YOUR Choice…but if I can be open with what I feel…they could be masks that would finally leave your face bare, as you come to face the reality of life…which I think is an eventuality if you happen to be in this world..

On desire, power….how long an we keep our ‘ego’ away…or what are we without ‘ego’? You yourself say it was the "loss of courage to be nothing"

Your ‘dead’ ego met a ‘live’ ego that had been ‘tamed’ by education -- (there I counter you, in that you claim that education spoils our natural self…But I agree with you, if the taming is not done by one). The 'live' could not agree with the 'dead'…and the ‘tamed’ one spoke out what it felt …I see that last communication of mine in that way…

But, since I am very particular that the ego, or my ‘thinking neurons’ as you say, should not overrule my heart (a lesson my parents taught me--the caring aspect you said) I had to talk with you of what I felt with care..

Having said that, it still remains Your choice where you want to be…

Living in a Painting with a Monalisa smile is my aspiration, which I consciously set aside..as I choose to face the reality of life on its face…But the smile -- I still try to keep it, though it wanes at times. :-)

Rest all is fine with me MIP…Finally, one’s life is to be lived on one’s choice…..though the experienced ones keep trying to ‘teach’ morals..it ‘could’ be their responsibility as they see it..

see you again..


ps: seen your response there at mine..will take it up later...am at work....skulking once in a while..and this was urgent I felt.. :-)

man in painting said...

Today is another day.I wonder about all the previous responses.They all make sense today too but less in intensity..That is my point.They are all thoughts.exist only once in their full potency..These chargers get connected to our endocrine system and send signals to fire some fluids which can create burning sensations in our guts or keep our hears running like usain bolt...
Today.. the connections are the same,nueons are the same..But they are not firing..what i feel is a cool feeling..
signals end as a smile..
my response was a self evaluation..
MIP watching J
after typing i always become happy..
Because i just see my mind in that white comment column..
this medium is the modern space under the old pipal tree..
they called these conversations 'upanishads'
they still work..
we dont need to comprimise
becuse we don't search for security shelters
We both search for the real TRUTH..
in our own ways..

Kat said...

The impression I get is... catch the problem at the source :)

Devika Jyothi said...


I can relate when you say about the cool feeling and the smile :-)

perhaps I was my self trying to be in a painting, smiling at the world...for over 2O years now --- but failed miserably i should say...

until finall in July when i sought permission from my husband ...to express my thoughts- the intention was just to free myself of the burden, but then it was he who said, this medim could be used more effectively...

i have a 'sleeping' socio-political activist in me..who rouses at times...may be paternal!

the truth of upanishads, Gita, Bible ..remain eternal i think...

wasn't Krishna teaching us chewing the world when he opened his mouth to Yashoda? :-)

we dont need to compromise -- i was refering to compromise as a mode to restore friendships, rstoring them in their own realms..

and true, we don't search for security shelters..we already have built our own around us...

"We both search for the real TRUTH..
in our own ways.." I AGREE cent percent..and lets give the respective space for each one in this world...

though 'education' or rather 'prompting' may be the experienced ones' job...

i see it a responsibility -- what would we have been if our parents didn't take that responsibility?

and thats the blog as I see-- even as i release myself, I must take the pain of clarifying to a reader..i feel, thats important.


Fantasies of a Lifetime said...

And thank god the world's rhizome would be too big & too hot for the mice to chew !!. . .

Anonymous said...

Eating it when it is still a rhizome?....a big lie,in a small world..hehe

man in painting said...

you are right!

man in painting said...


man in painting said...


man in painting said...


Solitaire said...

What is a Rhizome?

Devika Jyothi said...


You know what, you have gone back to where you belong....
but this smile somehow saddens me...

wished we could simply 'fight' :-)
never mind, 'the certain kind' is a bit 'uncertain' at times :-)))


'The Certain kind' has a new one...some unusual kind...not sure if its your kind...please do come and see..

man in painting said...

undergroung stem...

Meghna said...

Watever it was, it made me SMILE!!!!!!!!


:P :P

BTW< looks like u've forgotten em :X

Chaggoholic.... said...

Well to all ur rhizomes and stolons, potatoes and ferns- Aloha!!!! Bravo Bravo. Loved the botanical touch....

Arthur Dent said...

what i make of this piece of yours is to enjoy life while you can and squeeze all its juice before it becomes too hard to chew.... makes sense; proper metaphysical sense :D
and yeah, the style of writing was definitely refreshing. :D

btw new post out on my blog. do visit :)

Anu said...


I have to say "huh????"... i looked up the Wiki for a rhizome :D!!!

WritingsForLife said...

hmm... interesting :-)

Scribblers Inc said...

WOAH...that began like the theatre of the absurd (Waiting for Godot) and turned tail somewhere down the line...great!

Scribblers Inc.

Echo said...

The title is the best part of this. Intriquing and fun.

broca's area said...

u seem to have the skill of conveying ur messages exactly as u want...really liked this one.....:)