Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Man In Painting Is Not Seeing The World

It is always difficult to see the world as it is."Seeing the world" demands techniques.A name is a technique.Without using words can we ever see the world?Without understanding concepts can we ever watch the world?It is becoming more and more difficult.Understanding something is often like playing with the dice.Who can predict what our brain brings next?But we are happy with that "feeling"called "understanding".Is "understanding something" a sort of feeling?Is it like "satisfaction"?
There is always great joy in watching things without any desire to know.But it is impossible to do that with a mind which is old and full of techniques.Playing with words is easy.But making them watch the world is not easy.Writing is always a "thing of past".Is there anything called "present tense"?We always write about things which are already gone.Writing is another technique to add spice to "that convincing story" called "me".Communication starts with the learning of techniques of story telling.Writing is the most comfortable way of re-arranging that story of "me"Me, as they say is always a "story i found to tell others"
It is always easy to tell stories and make non-sense poems but very very difficult to "see the world"
Man In Painting is not seeing the world....

... am posting this without any editing without looking back without re reading ..
loving you all.....


Mampi said...

Well, We love you as you are... whether you are in the painting or out of it. The words are only to reflect on what the MIP thinks. Thats it. You are not making the words watch the world, they are doing it on their own and coming to you by themselves.
Cheers !

d gypsy! said...

when u can write like that, we dont take the word "watch" literally...

writing is andr way to make sure that "u exist"...

Suspended Animation said...

We 'see-the-world' through your stories MIP... and I agree.. I sometimes feel it is impossible to simply 'watch' things without passing a judgment or referring to something in the past, there is something wrong with our minds these days..

Anonymous said...

hmmmm. i understand. errr. do I?

in any case, you've been awarded with the "Brillante Blog" award. I'm sure you already got it, but then no harm in giving it again, right?


Akshaya Kamalnath said...

Its like judicial judge can dispassionately give a judgement based on application of the law like a computer. Certain things do go into it sub-consciously. When hes understanding the facts of the case, he understands it in a certain way, when he applies the law, he does it in a way all dependant on his perspective however detached he tries to be. He is politically neutral but not apolitical, if you get what I mean.

Sorry for giving so much gyaan but what you're feeling is inevitable bcoz ur not a painting, ur a human being.

And you're posts totally rock MIP. They make us see the world through you're eyes and think again about the many facts of life.

So get back in action.

Priya said...

Mind thinks a lot and we bring more queries. Thaz why we are called humans isn't it. Its a world out ther we see and cannot see and live invisible to many.

deepsat said...

Seeing is believing!

Understanding is convincing!!

Sometimes the best technique is none at all. though it is more difficult than using a technique!!

take care!


Devika said...

I can see you through...Man in Painting! or do I call you J?

Whoever that is, he was just 'Me' until July...
whatever your decision may be...I just love you for this loud realisation...i'm sure you would know why..thanks MIP/J

here I said 'love' after that post of mine..
thanks for your comment at mine..i'll say what love means to me there...

wishes, wishes and wishes!

Shruti said...

Seeing the world is not easy!! You're correct. Senseless poems and stories are easy to write.

Your introspection was brute honesty. Something which is a virtue today!!

We love you the way you are..
Take Care

Ani said...

seeing the world is not an easy task.. and believing things... even more tougher.. some of us end up believing the words of our close friends or family..

coz its their word..

but then again.. sometimes things what they seem .. might not be what they actually are..

makes sense..
or another food for thought :)

Anu said...

MIP.. what brought this on? you sound melancholic.. but sometimes its easier not to understand the world but "be" in it.. you will be able to define it later.. maybe thats why always words take on past sense ?

Rakesh Vanamali said...


This is a true reflection of what you believe. I also see a faint level of introspection hidden away between these lines.

"It is always easy to tell stories and make non-sense poems but very very difficult to "see the world"

While I agree with the latter part of the statement, I do not concur with the former! It takes skill to craft in words what one thinks and has seen, often not a feat that is achievable by all!




Thank you..
The speaker cannot but exist to express but the view he presents is most important.he world is splitting itself in to many
But if I watch closely and without any judgement a strange sense of freedom embraces times..
Thanks a lot for the careful understanding..


d gypsy
when our ego-levels reach zero we cannot do anything..


@suspended animation
Knowing that there is a problem is the welcome sign of a change...
Seeing the world without memories demand great energy..Most of my present energy is utilised for "living the world"..


thank you..
i love A WARD!


As you rightly said it is difficult because we are humans.But it is important and urgent because all our problems lie in the "ways" we look at the world.Words,concept, theories are all becoming more and more complicated and blocks truth.
strangely my attempts was always to fool myself.fool the fronto-parietal lobes of my own brain.
thank you akshaya


but mind is centuries old.Can the old see anything new?


that is true.
no technique.
but our conditioning is different..
best wishes for your exams..


forming perception without a judgement is the most difficult task..yet we have to attempt it because our ways of looking at the world collecting images , forming ideas and storing memories never solved any of our problems...


It is always a great thing to accept something/somebody as it/he is.But it is difficult too.
thank you..
take care

Roopa said...

Does this mean you are not going to come back to us as Man In Painting? Or is it just a passing phase?

We are all subjective one way or the other, MIP. However objective we think we are, there is still a paradoxic subjectivity involved. So maybe it is time to step out of the painting. Don't shut eyes to the world - though I admit that is indeed quite tempting.


Defining involves technique.Seeing is an instantaneous creation.The problem is only of energy.
literature is just fun.
it can be easily practiced if we train certain parts of our brain
But seeing demands the whole brain.
But i am so happy to meet people like you all...because a great sense of balance is felt when people care each other.
Thank you


Thank you The beauty of your mind reaches me like the fragrance of an un known flower.Not because you were talking good about me,but you took time to care.It is always a great quality.To care we need time.Time is always more of a psychological phenomenon..taming it is an art.
i am thinning "me"
All these are just "reactions" of that "therapy"
take care


It is never an attempt to avoid the world.But a strange way of understanding the world.Because the world I see is inside me.Facing the world is most important.But before that I should face the "me" who sees the world.
The issues that I was facing is almost getting cleared.Whenever I look at the world I see that person who is closest to me.And that is me.So seeing me playing with words is also seeing the world.
me too is a part of the world.
brain is starting to see itself.

Old Monk said...

I think every man sees the world in his own way. Where is understanding, feeling or passion in a man unless it is in one way or the other connected to him. He sees the world in the way he want and I believe he has the right to do so unless he is interfering in the liberty of others. What is right for me may be wrong for another. It all depends on perceptions.Anyway thanks for coming out (erupting) with a feeling which we all CARRY with us. MIP should keep seeing the world so that we get to read more stormy stuff.

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

man from another blog sees the post. Enamored by the way it is written. Finds it difficult to answer the questions asked. Puzzled by the inquisitiveness. Knows he'll be back again to read more :)

Nice post.

Am blog rolling you :)

Devika said...


I know, i agree -- forming perception without a judgement is the most difficult task..

But if our ways of looking at the world isn't solving any of our problems...then perhaps we need to redefine ourselves, reposition ourselves -- no??

in retrospect, i think you were doing that here...:-)


noelia ~ said...

"Without using words can we ever see the world?"

you couldn't have said it any better. i hadn't thought about it, well, not like THAT. if anything, i often wonder how things got their names, and why do those names make so much sense.

Shamanth said...

quite an introspective/philospohical post ther..

loosely put in the words of Martin Heidegger(one of the renowned philospher/thinkers of 21st century)

understand = standing under your beliefs.

it means more to take a stance and stand for something you believe in.