Friday, January 27, 2012

Me watching Me.

Somebody asked 'who are you?

Speaking about oneself is boring.The very sentence I just completed is a lie. I am interested in me,that is why this writing happens.I mean,most writings happened.This language is new to me.Not that I haven't learned it in school.I just 'learned' it in school.But the real unlearning of this language was done through this space.As one of my dearest friend pointed out the word 'keyboardsculpturer'itself is not there.I may now claim that it was invented by meThat is how a spelling mistake is invented.Most of the time,except for those small posts,it was direct recording of my thoughts.Thoughts seldom follow grammar,atleast in my case.Spelling mistakes followed my grammar mistakes.My words survived just because they were born without much intention.(who said so?)Whenever they had intensions they looked intelligent and became cunning.(isn't it?)Writing here is just like writing on a wall.let me stop and just read backward.


In every sentence,every word...there is this 'me'.dictating everything..I may develop a language which may eliminate 'me'..but that is still the problem.that very big 'me'.Writing like this suddenly makes me feel like standing naked while being monitered constantly through some closed circuit camera.Me watching Me.


Siddharth P Shanbhogue said...

An interesting post.
Will be back for more!

psst... Im back to blogging!

tunafish said...

One of the joys (or paranoia?) of 'me" watching 'me' and the writings: even when you are not there... you will exist and someone will always be watching...

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Well...I guess perspectives, after all.... all said and done, I must say, I miss your four-to-five liners very much. Please, please be regular.