Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tree Guru and me

By shedding off its leaves
a tree tried to teach me something.

During that whole winter
I served my tree guru.

When Spring came
I stole all the golden yellow flowers
and ran away.


Devika said...

Good! Nice to see you back :)


aparna said...

a tree is there to offer...wise is the one who knows what to pick...

Vinnie said...

its tough...from the label n from Aparna's comment...kuch kuch samaj aya :)

nice to c u again MIP!

Old Monk said...

You know what to pick and when to run away....wise as usual.
Nice to see you back in action.

V Rakesh said...

Brilliant composition, as ever!

Welcome back and please post often! We cannot afford to have you gone!

The Survivor said...

That's interesting.

Good to see you back after a long time.

AshenGlow said...

Thats easy i guess, knowing it'll never run after you to get them back... Wonder why you ran in the first place.. Was it the tree you were running from? :)

Such a thought provoking post.. :)

Paritosh said...

Good choice! The flowers, I mean.
And happy to see you back in action :-)