Friday, April 18, 2008

APRIL 2008

All i could hear is the 'purring' of those old yellowish cealing fans and the slippery, stony sounds from my key board .The world seems to sleep outside.I can see the trees in the garden-very very still and breathless.They remind me of school kids in the green room waiting for the results after the stage show.Yesterday evening too there were heavy downpours.Nobody believe this is summer season.Afternoons remind us of the monsoon mornings.I can see a dark grey blanket slowly covering up the whole sky.A cold wind start blowing through the window.Can anyone beleive that is an afternoon in the mid-summer april?.


Jyoti said...

yes, this april...even the may was of similar picture.


@ jyothi
At last somebody cared my first ever post.
And a special thanx for that..